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Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 21 new cases as NSW braces for surge

Fears for Indigenous communities in western NSW after cases reported in Dubbo and Walgett * When Covid came to the anti-vax capital of Australia * The missing 10 days: did NSW squander the chance to head off its Delta nightmare? * Hotspots: NSW and ACT; Vic; Qld * Restrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; borders 12.24am BST And from our colleagues in the United States. In Louisiana, public health efforts to halt the spread of Covid have been hampered by low vaccination rates and crowded housing following last year’s hurricane season. Now, hospitals are struggling to cope. Related: Louisiana hospitals, overwhelmed with Covid patients, sending ambulances to Texas 12.14am BST The situation in Afghanistan is calamitous. The Taliban continue to sweep across the country, seizing cities and taking control of swathes of territory. They are wreaking a brutal violence, killing civilians and seeking out anybody with any sort of connection with the west. The Australian govt is facing pleas to allow Afghan nationals to stay in Australia when their visas expire, as Canberra separately plans a potential military mission to Afghanistan to rescue former employees fearing the resurgent Taliban. @bendohertycorro Continue reading...

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