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19 Best WooCommerce Add-Ons for a Customer-Focused Store

Do you want to build a better WooCommerce store and improve the shopping experience of your customers? The best stores are always finding new way to provide the best service to their customers. This means incorporating better systems to make it extremely easy for customers to browsing, buy, and pay on your store. WooCommerce addons allow you to add new functions or extend existing functionality of your WooCommerce store so you can create a customer-focused store that offers consistently a shopping experience to your visitors. In this post, I'll show you some of the best add-ons for WooCommerce—both free and premium. FooEvents is one example of WooCommerce add-ons you will find on CodeCanyon. In this article, I've selected some of the best WooCommerce addons available on CodeCanyon.  Best-Selling WooCommerce Add-Ons on CodeCanyon Grab one or more of these WooCommerce add-ons for a low, one-time cost and create a convenient shopping experience for your visitors. 1. WooCommerce Extra Product Options WooCommerce Extra Product Options allows you to add extra services to products you're selling. For example, you can give customers a gift wrap option. Or, if you're a take away restaurant you can add options that allow customers to personalize their order by selecting options such as lactose free, or gluten free. If you sell jewelry, you can offer extras like customized engraving.   The plugin supports checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes, uploads, dates, range pickers and color pickers. 2. WOOF—WooCommerce Products Filter WOOF makes it easy for your visitors to search for products using filters. The filters allows them to search products by categories, products attributes, tags, products taxonomies, or price.  The plugin also has advanced filters that enhance the product search process: SKU filters, color filter, image filter, meta filter, hierarchy dropdown, quick search and more.  You also have access to statistical data so you can see what visitors are frequently searching for on your website and meet their needs. 3. Subscriptio—WooCommerce Subscriptions Subscriptio allows you to sell subscriptions on your WooCommerce. The plugin adds recurring payment functionality to your WooCommerce so you can sell products like magazine subscriptions, online memberships, e-learning packages and even tangible products. Simple and variable products can be configured as subscription so you can create payment cycles, free trial length, subscription length and more.  4. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Expanding your pricing strategy through promotions, discounts, special offers, location-based or behavior-based pricing will guarantee increased traffic to your website and boost your sales.  You just need to setup some discount pricing rules—conditional logic—and WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount with do all the calculations.  The plugin comes with an extensive set of conditional logic rules that you can select from to create discounts. You can use these rules individually or combine them to personalize discounts for your customers.  5. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping When shipping products you have to take into account specific factors like weight, quantity of items, country, dimensions, volume, and so on. Using WooCommerce Advanced Shipping you can create your own shipping rates based on these factors.  6. WooCommerce PDF Invoice WooCommerce PDF invoice generates and automatically sends PDF invoices as email attachments for every order generated on your online store. The plugin automatically detects the currency that is used in your store. It comes with two types of invoices: regular invoice and proforma invoice.  The invoices are automatically numbered and have fields for taxes, shipping, and handling.  You can customize the invoices by setting your seller details and adding your logo. The buyers' details are automatically populated. That's not all, you can choose to display or hide the product ID, SKU, category and short description, show or hide product thumbnails on raw item data, and so much more.  7. FooEvents for WooCommerce If you want to sell tickets, you will need to add a ticketing functionality to your WooCommerce site. Using FooEvents you can add event and ticketing features to sell unlimited tickets, as well as manage free registration for physical events, virtual events or both. FooEvents eliminates the middle man and gives you full control over ticket sales process and customer data. 8. WooCommerce Deposits: Partial Payments Plugin Allow your customers to make partial payments. They can pay a percentage up front or a fixed amount. WooCommerce Deposits: Partial Payments Plugin helps you create a partial payment plan on your WooCommerce store. You can collect deposits on bookings and other products. In fact, you can combine this plugin with WooCommerce Bookings. You can keep track of deposits by looking at comprehensive deposit reports  in the WooCommerce reports panel. Features include: * automatic email reminders for remaining payments * custom messages when the deposit option is used * accept or force deposits in your store * full WPML support * and more 9. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart monitors carts that are abandoned by members and guests. It automatically sends emails at specified times using templates designed to recover abandoned carts. For members, as soon as a product is added to their cart, it will be captured in case the cart is later abandoned. Guests will have to reach the step of inputting their email address on the checkout page, but once their email has been entered, their abandoned carts will be captured. 10. Multistep Product Configurator for WooCommerce If you sell variable products then Multistep Product Configurator for WooCommerce will make it easy for customers to choose the right combinations of variations. The plugin utilizes multistep forms instead of select boxes. There are four modules for different multistep form UIs: steps, accordion, tabs, and vertical steps.  Features include:  * set an attribute thumbnail * horizontal and vertical grid item layout * set number of columns * make summary to fullwidth * reposition product image or hide it 11. WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard will create a convenient shopping experience by simplifying your checkout process. This has the potential to let customers complete their purchases and increase sales. The plugin creates a checkout wizard that splits your default WooCommerce checkout page into easy sections to complete sections.  12. WooCommerce Multi Currency—Currency Switcher With this plugin customers cans see pricing on your store in their local currency. The plugin uses geo-location to show correct currency for the customer's country. You can set exchange rate manually or it can be done automatically by the plugin. There are lots of customizing options including how symbols are displayed, applying exchange fees, and more.   13. WooCommerce Brands WooCommerce Brands allows you to add brands and see them on your store, product category, and single product pages. You can display brands in a number of ways: A-Z filters, AJAX filters, a brand carousel, or a brand thumbnail grid. You can also display a product carousel by brand, product grid by brand, and so on. You can create shortcodes with a shortcode builder or use the WPBakery (Visual Composer) add-on. The plugin works perfectly on all devices and browsers. It supports multiple sites, WPBakery Page Builder, and WPML. 14. WooCommerce Custom Fields Using WooCommerce Custom Fields you can make each sale more profitable by offering popular add-ons and services, like gift wrap, on-site furniture assembly or extended warranty. But that's just a small part of what this awesome plugin can do. Learn more about the many uses of this plugin on the WooCommerce Custom Fields plugin page. 15. WooCommerce Notification Show your visitors that your store is legit and popular by displaying notifications of what customers have recently purchased on your online store. You can do so using WooCommerce Notification. The plugin displays recent orders on your storefront. This strategy creates a sense of urgency for your visitors, and curiousity about your bestselling products.  Free WooCommerce Add-ons  These free WooCommerce add-ons don't offer as many features as the premium WooCommerce add-ons on CodeCanyon, but if you're on a budget, they're a great way to get started enhancing your site search at no cost. Missing Addons for WooCommerce WooCommerce comes with basic features that allow you to get your store off the ground quickly. However, you will need more functionality to create a full-featured store. Missing add-ons for WooCommerces comes with these crucial functionalities you need to operate an efficient store. These include:  * advanced coupon management * product subscriptions * product and service booking * Google Maps * product FAQ * PDF invoices and packing slips * bulk products * and much more  CashTippr Woocommerce Addon This plugin adds a Bitcoin BCH payment option to your Woocommerce store. This means you don't need to go through a third party.  Eleshop–WooCommerce Elementor Addon Eleshop is an Elementor Addon for WooCommerce that will help you arrange a clean WooCommerce product page. It comes with product title and short description element. GoUrl WooCommerce–Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway Addon Bitcoin Altcoin Plugin for WooCommerce provides you will a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows you to accept payment by cryptocurrency. The plugin also supports WooCommerce Subscriptions 3. The payment box is mobile-friendly and highly customizable.  Level Up The Shopping Experience On Your WooCommerce Store!  There are lots of different WooCommerce add-ons on CodeCanyon. This list will help build a WooCommerce store that is focused on making shopping experience of your customers enjoyable.  You can also learn more about WordPress and WooCommerce plugins here on Envato Tuts+.  * WordPress Best Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce Franc Lucas * WordPress PDF Invoicing Plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress Franc Lucas * WordPress 13 Cost, Quote, and Estimate Calculators for WooCommerce for 2021 Franc Lucas * WordPress 25+ Best WooCommerce Plugins for Products, Pricing, Payments, and More Eric Dye * WordPress Inventory and Stock Management Plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress Franc Lucas * WooCommerce 35+ Best Shipping and Pricing WooCommerce Plugins Daniel Strongin * WooCommerce Top 10 Tips for a Better WooCommerce Store Franc Lucas * WordPress Plugins 14 Best Stripe Payment Plugins for WordPress Franc Lucas * WooCommerce 10 Best Coupon Plugins for WooCommerce Daniel Strongin * eCommerce How to Quickly Reduce Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Celine (CX) Roque

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