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Sydney’s Covid test: what will it take to bring the case numbers down?

Mask mandate? More testing? Harder lockdown? Experts and NSW Health are divided on the best ways to reduce transmission * Follow our Covid live blog for the latest updates * Restrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; SA; WA and NT; border restrictions * Hotspots: NSW map; Vic list; Qld; WA * Vaccine rollout tracker; get our free news app; get our morning email briefing As Sydney approaches four weeks in lockdown, the number of Covid cases infectious in the community – which experts say needs to reach close to zero before restrictions can be eased – remains stubbornly high. On Thursday, 124 new local cases were announced in NSW, and up to 80 of those were active in the community for all or part of their infectious period. The day prior, 110 new local infections were announced, 60 of which were active in the community for part or all of their infectious period. Continue reading...

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