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Japanese people cower from Games they don’t want and should not be happening | Barry Glendenning

Only around 20% of Japan’s population has received both jabs but Bach insists against all the evidence that ‘the risk is zero’ When the Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year, the widespread presumption in the corridors of International Olympic Committee power was that they would eventually go ahead at a time when the world was no longer in the grip of a global pandemic. Covid would be contained. Vaccine roll-outs would be complete. If not completely free of its latest viral scourge, the world would at least have a firm handle on it. The Games would mark a celebration of sorts; the first truly global jamboree to be staged in the post-pandemic era. With less than a week to go until the opening ceremony it now seems more abundantly clear than ever the IOC optimism that originally seemed misplaced was ludicrously wide of the mark. With 11,000 athletes and another seven or eight times that number of coaches, support staff and media workers converging on Japan, it is increasingly obvious that staging this potential super-spreader event is a dreadful idea. Even before a flame has been lit, a starting gun fired or a medal presented, the first positive Covid-19 test has been recorded by a foreign visitor in the Olympic village. Continue reading...

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