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For an NHS burnt out from Covid, praise without a raise means little

Analysis: threat of industrial action and anger after workers’ herculean efforts risks a public, messy fight for No 10 After four months of the government insisting that it could afford only a 1% pay rise this year for the NHS staff whom Boris Johnson has often lionised, it has now trebled that to 3%. The original 1% was rejected as an insult by unions representing the 1.2m NHS personnel in England. Conservative MPs worried that it made the government look ungrateful for frontline workers’ herculean efforts during the Covid pandemic, opinion polls suggested the public agreed, and health leaders warned that it would only increase the NHS’s debilitating problems in recruiting and retaining staff. Despite proclaiming that 1% was “as much as we can [afford] at this present time”, the prime minister has bowed to the inevitable. Continue reading...

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