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25 Best Free (Splash) Landing Page Templates for 2021

Splash landing page templates are a great way to get your landing page up and running quickly so you can start promoting your products or services. This premium splash screen template design features many professional components. Use landing pages to:  * Announce the launch of your new business. * Promote a lead magnet. * Get people to register for your website. * And more. When it comes to landing page templates, there's no shortage of premium HTML splash screen template designs on marketplaces such as Envato Elements or Envato's ThemeForest. Use premium landing templates if you want a professional design or if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to design a landing page from scratch. But if you’re on a budget, a premium splash page template might not be high on your priority list. But that doesn’t mean you've got to postpone your launch. In fact, there are a few free splash page templates that you can use.  In this article, we’ll showcase some free landing templates for 2021 as well as some of the best premium splash page design templates. Envato Elements - Premium Marketplace for Landing Page Templates If you’re looking for a premium landing page template, your first stop should be Envato Elements. This premium marketplace has hundreds of graphic and design assets, landing pages included.  Download an unlimited number of splash page design templates for a monthly fee at Envato Elements. Unlike other marketplaces, which require you to pay for each individual item, Envato Elements is subscription-based. This means that for a low monthly fee, you get access to all the items we've got. 5 Best Premium Landing Page Templates On Envato Elements for 2021 Below, you’ll find a selection of the best premium landing page templates available on Envato Elements. These templates can be used for various types of landing pages and are easily customizable. Here's our list: 1. Swan Lake - Marketing Landing Page Swan Lake is a modern marketing landing page template. Thanks to its clean and universal design, you can use it for agencies or any type of business.  Check some of the splash screen HTML template features: * based on bootstrap 1170px grid system * HTML5 and CSS3 * easy to customize * fully responsive design * parallax background 2. Pure - Clean Splash Page Template The Pure template features a clean and stylish design that’s perfect for building a splash or a coming soon page. Use it to announce the launch of your new website or product.  The splash page template lets you to collect email addresses so you can start building your email list before the launch. It integrates with MailChimp. You’ll also find a countdown timer, the ability to use Google Maps, and more. 3. Gaze - Multipurpose Landing Page Template The Gaze template is a versatile template that's got several demo variations. Different demos allow you to choose the best version for your landing page. The template includes more than 100 modules such as text blocks, accordions, social media feeds, and more. Gaze is fully responsive and comes with a fully working contact form. 4. Beavis - Versatile Landing Page Template Try the Beavis template if you’re looking for a versatile and colorful landing page template. Use it as a simple coming soon page as well as a long landing page. It includes: * a countdown timer * the ability to display your social media icons * MailChimp integration * and the ability to display your location on Google Maps  5. Ebo - Ebook Landing Page HTML Template This HTML splash screen template is a simple and modern landing page template, especially designed to showcase and sell eBooks. But it's not limited to that purpose. It's fully responsive, retina ready, based on Bootstrap 1170px and HTML5 and CSS3. 4 Best Top-Notch and Premium Landing Page Templates on ThemeForest for 2021 Another source of first-rate premium splash page templates is ThemeForest. If you only see yourself needing an occasional design template, ThemeForest gives you the option to pay per download rather than making a monthly commitment.  With ThemeForest, you'll still get quality splash landing page templates created by professional designers. Choose from between hundreds of top-notch templates: Some of the many best-selling premium landing page templates you'll discover on Envato's ThemeForest Here are some examples of the high-quality premium splash page design templates you'll find on ThemeForest: 1. Flatpack– Landing Pages Pack With Page Builder This landing page template is one of the best-selling in our Envato Market. More than 7,000 people have bought it because it's the most complete pack: * 25 landing pages ready to use * 80+ new builder sections * SEO builder add-on * unlimited pop-up forms * Google Analytics integration * 7+ email marketing service integration * PixBuilder user interface * custom CSS3 integration * PayPal integrated 2. Megapack – Marketing HTML Landing Pages Pack This splash screen HTML template stands out thanks to its really clean and modern design. It includes more than 30 pixel perfect landing pages layouts ready for you. Check more awesome features that you can't get on free landing page templates: * fully responsive * 300+ builder sections * 8+ pop-up layouts * PixFort builder * bootstrap grid system  * drag and drop HTML page builder 3. Black - Feature Rich Landing Page Design Lastly, the Black landing page template has been designed with Black Friday in mind. This means it was built for product promotions and optimized for conversions.  Share all the benefits and features of your product. Easily display: * testimonials * reviews * FAQ * and more On top of that, the template comes with a unique drag and drop page builder so you can easily add the elements you need on your landing page. 4. Launchkit Landing Page Variant Builder If you like landing pages with minimalist designs, this is the right premium HTML splash screen template for you. Launchkit is a fully responsive multi-purpose HTML5 template compatible with Bootstrap, perfect for your online projects. It comes with six landing pages ready to use and customize: * multipurpose * travel and tourism * agency and portfolio * fitness * catering * E-learning Envato Elements - Design Without Limits Envato Elements is a perfect choice when you want to have access to design assets on a regular basis. If you’re a freelancer working with clients or if you’re a business owner who needs stock photos, icons, fonts, and templates, Envato Elements is a worthy investment. Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price. Sign up for Envato Elements and get access to hundreds of design assets for all your design projects and marketing campaigns. Get unlimited downloads from our huge collection of creative assets. 25 Best Free (Splash) Landing Page Templates to Download for 2021 If you’re on a budget or if you’re creating your first landing page ever, then free landing page templates are a good starting point. There’s plenty of free templates for splash pages on the Internet.  The free splash page templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates require that you provide attribution. Read the terms of use carefully. These free templates are a good way to test your product or launch idea before investing in a high-quality premium template. Here's a list of templates to help you make a free splash page: 1. Kairos - Free Landing Page Template for Apps The Kairos template has what you need to create a landing page template for your app. A large header area lets you place a noticeable call to action, and you can display testimonials, pricing tables, and apps features. It’s also responsive and retina-ready. 2. Dazzle - Modern Free Template for Splash Pages The Dazzle template features a clean, modern design. The template includes a full-width header image along with testimonials section, pricing options, and an area to showcase app screenshots. 3. Infinity - Free Landing and Splash Page Design Use the Infinity template to promote an agency launch and it allows you to customize colors, fonts, and more. The splash page template comes with standard sections needed for landing pages as well as custom icons and MailChimp integration. 4. Elevate - Simple Landing Page Template The Elevate template is a simple template that can be downloaded for free. It was designed to help you generate leads and build your email list. The template comes with MailChimp integration, scroll-based animations, and dozens of free icons. 5. Kora - Free Landing Page Template Kora is a free and minimal landing page template that can be used for any kind of landing page. The template uses soft gradient backgrounds, but you can easily customize the colors with CSS. It’s fully responsive and comes with included forms. 6. Free Product Landing Page Template If you want to create a landing page for your product, this template will come in handy. The page offers plenty of sections to share information about your product. You can even connect payment processors to buy the template.  7. Clean Free Landing Page Template Here’s a minimal landing page template that could be used to promote your product. The template features a stunning header area where you can include a call to action. Further down the page you can share information about the product. The template is fully responsive. 8. Prism Free Landing Page Template Prism is a modern and colorful landing page template. It was built with Bootstrap and designed with open source projects in mind. You can showcase your open source app or program and make it easy for people to download it. 9. Playback App Landing Page Free Template Here’s another free landing page template perfect for mobile apps. You can include buttons to app stores where people can download the app as well as include app screenshots, so your users know what they’re getting. 10. Woo - Free Landing Page Template Looking for free landing page templates for 2021? This landing page gratis has a clean design, and it works on all browsers and mobile devices. 11. Bluish Free Landing Page Template The Bluish template is a simple landing page template you can download for free. It was designed for small businesses and creatives who want to showcase their services. 12. Phantom Free Landing Page Template Use this free landing page template if you’ve developed a browser extension and want to make it available for download. 13. DevBook Free Landing Page Template Try this free landing page template if you want to promote your newest book. It’s fully responsive and has plenty of sections to share details about the book as well as book reviews. 14. The SEO Company Free Landing Page Template If you have a digital agency this template is a good starting point. It even includes a PSD template for even greater customization. 15. Leaf Mobile App Free Landing Page Template The Leaf template is perfect for promoting your mobile apps. It allows you to share app reviews, link to the app store download page, and share screenshots of your app. 16. Softy Pinko Free Landing Page Template The Softy Pinko has an unusual name, but this free landing page template is a good starting point for a business landing page. It comes with working forms. 17. Atlas - Clean Landing Page Free Template The Atlast template is best suited for a long-scrolling landing page. It comes with clear typography, scroll-based transitions, a section for app screenshots, pricing tables, and a working contact form. 18. Scrum Landing Page Template Free Download The Scrum template has a multipurpose and versatile design. It can be used for any type of landing page. It’s also responsive and comes with pricing lists and signup forms. 19. Art Factory - Free Landing Page Template This free landing page template features vector illustrations. It’s a good choice for digital marketing companies and comes with accordion tabs and a location map. 20. Snapshot Free Landing Page Template Snapshot is a free and clean minimal landing page template. It can be used for any type of landing page. It comes with a working contact form. 21. Hydro Free Landing Page Template This template features a stunning blue-green gradient at the top. It comes with a popup sign up form as well as login page and a contact form. 22. Sparrow - Multipurpose Free Landing Page Template This angular landing page template free is a multipurpose theme for your projects. Use it for business, portfolio, marketing or anything you need. It's mobile ready and fully responsive. 23. Crew Free Landing Page Template If you’re building a freelance marketplace or a job website, this landing page template will help you build hype before you open it up to the world. 24. Dazzle Free Landing Page Template Dazzle template has a stylish design that can be used for any type of landing pages. The template includes app overview sections, parallax effect, and fixed header navigation. 25. Lhander - Modern Free Landing Page Template Try this angular landing page template free with a modern and clean design. This free template is mobile and retina ready and comes with MailChimp integration. How to Make a Landing Page Quickly With Premium Templates Once you find a landing page template you like, it’s time to customize it. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using the premium Lana template from Envato Elements. Lana template on Envato Elements Let's get started: 1. Prep Your Content The first thing you need to do is gather your content for your landing page. This includes the text that will go on the landing page as well as images you want to use. When it comes to images, optimize them for the web and resize them to the appropriate dimensions. 2. Understand File Structure Understanding the file structure of your template The next step is to understand the file structure of your template. When you unzip the folder, you’ll notice that there are several HTML files and folders that contain other assets. The assets folder contains the stylesheets as well as the folder for images. To customize the template, you’ll be working with the HTML file called index.html and CSS style file named theme.css.  3. Edit Contents Editing the content of your landing page template To edit the contents of your landing page, right-click on index.html and open it with a text editor app like Notepad or TextEdit. Then, click in between the angled brackets that have text between them and enter your own.  4. Add Images Adding images to the Lana template To add images, first drag all your images into the folder within your landing page template folder that’s called images. Then, go back to the text editor and find the line of code that starts with . Click in between the quotation marks after the word images and type in your image name along with the extension like you see in the screenshot. Repeat this process for all other image placeholders. Save your file every time you make an edit to save the changes. 5. Change Styles Changing styles of the Lana template Lastly, to change the styles, you’ll need to edit the custom.css file. Go to the assets folder and in the CSS folder right click on the theme.css file. Open it with your text editor. To change the colors, edit the hex code next to color names. To change the fonts, enter your desired font name next to the line of code that starts with font-family under the root section of the CSS file. Save your changes. 5 Quick (Splash) Landing Page Design Tips for 2021 You've got your awesome splash screen HTML template. Now, what's next? Remember that an effective landing page grabs the attention and asks your visitors to take action.  Let me share with you some useful design tips, so you create the most effective and persuasive landing page: 1. Don't Forget the Call to Action This is the most important design tip for a strong landing page: always include a call to action (CTA) button. The goal of a landing page is to complete conversions. The conversion goal could be to have the reader: * fill out a form * subscribe to a newsletter * make a purchase * anything else important for your business So, make sure your splash screen HTML template has a visible and eye-catching CTA button for your visitors.  This premium landing page template has a clear CTA button for visitors. 2. Minimalist and Clean Design A good landing page contains the necessary information to invite your viewers to convert, and nothing else. The design should be clean and minimalist. Don't add distracting elements or go for a cluttered layout. 3. Include Trust Signals Trust signals show your visitors that your offer and business are trustworthy. You've usually seen them as testimonials or as logos from recognized and famous brands that have supported the business. Look for templates that include them. See how the trust signals are incorporated in this premium HTML landing page template 4. Make It Mobile Responsive This is a really important design tip. As more people navigate with their smartphones every day, it's vital that your landing page is fully responsive and mobile ready. We've got plenty of splash screen HTML template that are mobile friendly. 5. Short and Tailored Content Rule of thumb: the more fields you ask your viewer to fill in your landing page, the less likely they'll do it. This means it's less likely you'll complete a conversion. Only ask the essential information in your form and if possible, customize your landing page for specific audiences. This way, you'll increase the conversions and you'll have a truly effective landing page. Check how this premium splash screen HTML template has a short form for visitors. 5 Landing Page Design Trends For 2021 It goes without saying that your landing page should reflect your branding. But it should also be designed with design trends in mind if you want to ensure it looks modern. Here are five landing page design trends to keep in mind for 2021:  1. Element Overlap This year, overlapping elements can be seen everywhere. This adds a dose of complexity to the design and creates a layered effect that can make your landing page stand out. You can see this in action with the premium legal landing page template pictured below: Legal Landing Page Template on Envato Elements 2. Scroll Animations Scroll animations make your website appear more interactive and can make it more memorable.  3. Pastel and Earthy Palettes Instead of bold colors, opt for more subtle and soft pastel or earthy color palettes. Check out the example in this premium landing page template perfect for fashion websites. Zorka landing page template for fashion websites 4. White Space White space is a trend that never seems to go away, and with good reason. It makes your design more breathable and allows visitors to focus on what’s important. 5. Illustrations Lots of illustrations in design are popular this year. There are plenty of ways to make your landing page stand out with this trend. This premium template from Envato Elements is a good example of using illustrations effectively. Smart landing page template on Envato Elements 5 Benefits of Using the Best Premium Landing Page Templates (In 2021) When the budget is tight, premium landing templates might not be your first option. That's why I've shared with you a long list of free landing page templates.  But don't discard professional HTML splash screen templates yet. A premium HTML landing template can have way more advantages than any angular landing page template free. And I'll tell you some: 1. Endless customization options. Free landing page templates for 2021 can be really tempting. But you know that a landing page gratis has very limited customization options. You'll be able to change just a few things. A premium landing page template from Envato means you'll get endless customization possibilities to create your perfect landing page. 2. Your landing page will stand out. There are high chances that a lot of people will use a landing page gratis. Your landing page can look just like everybody else's if you use an angular landing page template free. But a premium template will give you exclusivity and will make you stand out. 3. Save hours of work. Don't waste hours of your precious time coding and making free landing page templates work. Just get a premium HTML splash screen template, easily customize it and you're done! 4. No experience required. You don't need coding or specialized knowledge to use one of our professional HTML landing templates. They're designed to be easy to use by everyone. 5. Professionally tasted templates. What if you get a landing page gratis and turns out it doesn't work? Or it isn't updated? One of the best advantages of our premium HTML templates is that they're designed and tested by professionals. And they're always updated. Don't worry about broken templates ever again. Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use) Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of premium templates Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of templates for a single flat-rate price. Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price.  Discover More Landing Page Inspiration Hungry for more landing page templates? Check these resources and find the perfect splash screen HTML template for your next project: * Landing Pages Best of 2020: Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration (Showcase Examples) Brenda Barron * HTML 25 Best Responsive HTML5 Landing Page Template Designs for 2021 Brenda Barron * Mobile App 23 Best Mobile App Landing Page Template Designs (2021 Examples) Brenda Barron Get Your Landing Page Ready for 2021 As you can see, finding quality free landing page templates for 2021 isn't impossible. Use the free landing templates to test the waters for your offer or to launch your product quickly without blowing through your budget.  And if you’re ready to take your landing page to the next level, visit Envato Elements or ThemeForest and pick one of our premium splash page templates and browse through the best single-purchase, professional landing page templates. Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva, and Brenda Barron. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Brenda is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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