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No boasting, no gloating, Boris somehow remains on topic

Perhaps stunned by the fact that things were finally going OK, PM didn’t even bother to make fun of Labour’s troubles It wasn’t the results in last week’s elections that niggled. Nor was it that he had made a bit of an idiot of himself by effectively being forced to promote Angela Rayner just hours after he had tried to sack the deputy leader as party chair for her part in running such a rubbish campaign. Only the Labour party could turn a reshuffle into surrealist performance art. Not least by elevating some MPs to shadow cabinet positions for which there was no government equivalent. Anyone for the Ministry of Silly Walks? What really hurt Keir Starmer was that the Tories couldn’t even be bothered to make fun of the shitshow. Anything was better than being ignored. It was one thing for Labour to be ignored by the country; quite another for the main opposition party to be an irrelevance to the government. Throughout the day the Conservatives used every opportunity to avoid intruding on Starmer’s private grief. Continue reading...

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