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This is the first Welsh Senedd election since devolution has come of age | Laura McAllister

Covid has elevated decisions made by the Welsh parliament to matters of life or death – but this should still be Labour’s election to lose Devolution is Wales’s dirty little secret, with no election generating a turnout of over 50%, affecting the Senedd’s credibility and legitimacy. But Covid may have changed that, with the pandemic putting life-and-death decisions (literally) in the hands of our MSs, meaning love it or loathe it, devolved government has come of age. This Senedd election is all about Covid – its handling by the Welsh Labour government and the vaccine rollout, alongside plans for post-pandemic recovery. It is also an especially unpredictable election. Votes are likely to be split relatively evenly between the three big parties (Labour, the Conservatives, and Plaid Cymru). But our semi-hybrid – and increasingly dysfunctional – electoral system means that the main question is whether Welsh Labour wins an overall majority – something never achieved before – or has to govern in a formal or informal coalition with Plaid Cymru. Continue reading...

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