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‘Public trust is vital’: what should happen next in Australia’s vaccine rollout | Bruce Thompson, Jennifer Doggett, Hassan Vally, Meru Sheel

After the government’s new advice on the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, we ask four experts about what this means for Australia The recent announcement by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (Atagi) recommending that the Pfizer vaccine is preferred over the AstraZeneca vaccine for people over the age of 50 years is significant. It is critical now for the government, various departments of health, and importantly the health profession to be the voice of calm and reason by empowering the population to trust the science. Such an approach during the height of the pandemic has led Australia to be the envy of the world as the leader in managing the pandemic. The latest Atagi recommendation is based on the relative risk of a significant adverse event compared with the relative benefit of the medication. It is also there to help doctors manage patients who may come to them with symptoms following vaccination. Continue reading...

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