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My daughter refused to Skype with her nonna. Now I question why I moved so far away

Before the Covid pandemic, distance never felt like a problem for Simonne Michelle, but a year of separation with no clear end has changed that I have strong lockdown memories of my six-year-old daughter covered in flour, standing on a stool at the kitchen bench, peering into my iPad screen at what was often either the top of my mother’s head or the tiles of her kitchen floor. Skype-scones, we called it. But a six-year-old and a 75-year-old sharing technology across different time zones and trying to cook together was not seamless. There were seams, and tears – often mine. Stuck at home in Melbourne, I would stare at photos of my friends’ children on social media, noses squished against grandparents’ windows and wish for that. Wish for the knowledge that, when this was over, those grandparent hugs were a mere threshold away, not thousands of kilometres. Continue reading...

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