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15+ Best Free and Premium Crowdfunding WordPress Themes for 2021

Almost every day, crowdfunding success stories hit the headlines. Maybe it’s people uniting across the globe to help a charitable cause, or customers pledging to turn an idea into reality–however the platform is used, it puts the power in people’s hands to make a difference.  Krowd - Crowdfunding & Charity WordPress Theme from ThemeForest Whatever your reason for building a crowdfunding website, there are loads of options out there to bring your campaign to life. Even if you don’t have traditional design skills, you can select a high-quality crowdfunding theme for WordPress from Envato's ThemeForest, which you can then customize to make your own.  With these suggestions, learn how to create a crowdfunding site and how to make crowdfunding work. Create a Crowdfunding Website Encourage People to Donate The clue is in the name. Crowdfunding is all about driving financial support from multiple people to help spread the cost. Whether you’re working in the private or public sector, the website gives people a platform to make a contribution to make the goal possible. It’s Growing! In 2019 alone, global crowdfunding had a transaction value of US$6,923.6m–it’s almost an unfathomable statistic. And what’s more, by 2023, it’s expected to grow by another 14.7%–clearly, crowdfunding is big business and creating a website gives you a chance to get involved. Total transaction value in the crowdfunding segment: Statistica Raise Awareness  To maximize donations, you need a platform to educate people about what you are aiming to achieve. A WordPress site tells the story of the campaign while enabling others to share the story through social media.  Update People with Progress Maybe a milestone has been reached or an obstacle is ahead, your site is the place to ensure people are kept updated. Most crowdfunding sites show users exactly how much money has been raised to date, meaning they can then act accordingly.  Inform Supporters About Events  If you have an event coming up and you’re looking for attendees or volunteers, use the website to update everyone and invite them along! Photos from the events can be shared on the website to show people how widely the campaign is supported.  Top Crowdfunding WordPress Themes to Get in 2021 Now that you know what to look for, explore some of our favorite crowdfunding themes for WordPress to take your campaign to the next level.  Browse the crowdfunding WordPress themes on ThemeForest ThemeForest, our single purchase marketplace, has a wide selection of crowdfunding templates, including some multipurpose themes, and many purpose built crowdfunding themes to give any campaign a kickstart: 1. Krowd—Crowdfunding and Charity WordPress Theme Best New Theme Krowd is one of our newest and best WordPress crowdfunding platform themes. It has a clean and minimalist design, which makes it perfect for all kinds of crowdfunding, charities, nonprofit, or NGO donations.  This crowdfunding theme is fully responsive, completely editable and built with Elementor Page Builder. It also includes WooCommerce integration, MailChimp and Events Calendar.  Krowd - Crowdfunding & Charity WordPress Theme 2. Unity—WordPress Crowdfunding Theme Best Selling Theme With more than a thousand purchases, this crowdfunding theme for WordPress is one of our best-selling templates and is ideal for how to corwdfund. It features a really professional and appealing design, so you can create a successful fundraising campaign. This theme has four stunning pre-defined homepages, three campaign styles, unlimited galleries and includes many useful plugins. Unity - WordPress Crowdfunding Theme 3. FundingPress—The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme Best Customizable Theme If you're looking for a professional WordPress crowdfunding platform, you should definitely check out FundingPress. It's your kickstarter WordPress theme. FundingPress is s fully customizable crowdfunding theme for WordPress that enables you to create amazing websites through the custom admin panel. Visitors to your crowdfunding websites see and interact with a professional and neatly styled interface rather than the comparatively ugly WordPress admin backend. Fundingpress—The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme 4. CrowdPress—Crowdfunding Responsive WordPress Theme CrowdPress is a feature-rich WordPress fundraising theme for those who wish to create a crowdfunding website. It's been optimized for any kind of non-profit organization, donation, foundation firm and fundraising sites. With three unique homepage variations, this is a professional theme to have you fundraising in no time at all. CrowdPress—Crowdfunding Responsive WordPress Theme 5. Tefiti—Environment and Ecology WordPress Theme Best Environmental Theme This retina-centric crowdfunding theme for WordPress is highly visual and places color front and center to bring the project to life. There’s the option to include information about each of the volunteers plus their social links to further humanize the people behind the mission.  Tefiti - Environment & Ecology WordPress Theme 6. Save Julia—Donation and Fundraising Charity WordPress Theme Best for Personal Fundraising  If a website is needed to raise money for a person rather than a chosen charity, this simple theme enables the author to tell their story with words and pictures. There’s a blog to keep people updated with progress, and space for supporters to leave encouraging comments.  Save Julia | Donation & Fundraising Charity WordPress Theme 7. Wings—Charity WordPress  Best for Inspiring Action This crowdfunding theme for WordPress is packed with content and leaves plenty of room for inspiring taglines to encourage people to get involved. Fun animations draw the eye to important spaces on the page–for example, when you hover over the donations page, an emoji and a heart appear. Events are also clearly signposted alongside an illustrated heart, asking for people to volunteer.  Wings | Charity WordPress 8. Politic—Political WordPress Theme  Best for Political Campaigning  This striking template makes imagery the focal point, immediately personalizing the campaign and showing the person behind the beliefs. Videos are also supported.  A large, red donate button in the navigation bar is eye-catching without distracting from the overall message, and a timeline highlights important dates. The template is easily edited for charitable causes too.  Politic – Political WordPress Theme  9. Crowdmerc—Crowdfunding Startup Fundraising WordPress Theme Best for Multiple Start-Up Campaigns  If you've more than one product or service you’d like to create, this is the crowdfunding WordPress theme for you! Add multiple projects under different tabs, i.e. design, fashion, comics, etc. and clearly show how much money has been raised so far. You can highlight popular campaigns to give certain ideas the best chance of achieving their funding goal.  Crowdmerc - Crowdfunding Startup Fundraising WordPress Theme 10. Funlin—Crowdfunding and Charity Theme Best Simple Theme If you want to keep things simple, explore this WordPress crowdfunding platform. It features a clean design and it's fully customizable, so you can easily edit fonts plus colors to reflect your cause.  This theme also includes a front-end submission form to let users submit and manage projects, all from the front-end page. Also included is eCommerce Support, which allows you to accept payments online via WooCommerce. Funlin - Crowdfunding & Charity Theme 11. Bakix—Crowdfunding Startup Fundraising WordPress Theme Best Modern Theme With the product placed right in the center of the homepage, this theme couldn’t be clearer as to its long-term goal.  Visitors can clearly see how much money has been raised, and how much is needed to bring the product into reality. Minimal text and vibrant color gradients give Bakix a modern feel.  Bakix - Crowdfunding Startup Fundraising WordPress Theme 12. Born To Give—Charity Crowdfunding Responsive WordPress Theme Born to Give is a full functional WordPress Theme designed and developed specifically for crowdfunding, charity and non-profit Websites and comes handy for corporate websites as well. It's fully responsive, based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, that makes it available for all screen sizes from the bigger ones to smartphones. It's retina ready, so no blurry images on HiDPI and retina devices. Born To Give—Charity Crowdfunding Responsive WordPress Theme   5 Free WordPress Crowdfunding Themes to Download in 2021 I hope you liked the WordPress crowdfunding platform themes from ThemeForest, our single purchase marketplace. You won't regret buying a premium theme that's professional and fully customizable.  But if you can't spend on a premium crowdfunding theme for WordPress, there are some other ways to create a good website. I’ll show you some WordPress fundraising themes for free. But wait! Additionally, you can check our other amazing free WordPress themes on ThemeForest, which change every month. So choose a free WordPress crowdfunding theme. 1. Reach—Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme This WordPress fundraising theme for free was designed by the creators of Charitable, a WordPress donation plugin. This means Reach is especially focused on helping organizations create an attractive website with a strong focus on fundraising campaigns. Use this free WordPress crowdfunding theme for any project you have. Reach - Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme 2. Best Charity—Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme Best Charity is a WordPress fundraising theme for free with a clean and simple design. The free theme is also fully responsive and user-friendly. The theme is specially designed for a charity, NGO, trust, donation camp, foundations or a non-profit organization. 3. NGO Charity Lite—Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme Here's another great theme especially created for fundraising. The WordPress crowdfunding platform theme is fully customizable to your project and fully responsive. The WordPress fundraising theme for free was built to make campaigns and events easy to manage.  NGO Charity Lite - Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme 4. Fundraiser Lite—Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme Check this simple but effective WordPress fundraising theme for free. Customize to projects like charity events, donations, rescue operations, crowdfunding ideas and more. It's SEO ready, responsive and compatible with donation plugins and WooCommerce. 5. NGO Charity Fundraising—Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme To close the selection of free WordPress crowdfunding themes, we've got this one, perfect for charity fundraising, non-profit, NGOs or any other crowdfunding project. This WordPress fundraising theme for free is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, translation ready and SEO friendly. NGO Charity Fundraising - Free WordPress Crowdfunding Theme 5 Tips for Creating a Crowdfunding Website After our selection of crowdfunding themes for WordPress, perhaps you're wondering how to create a crowdfunding site. Let me help you with some useful tips, so you can build a professional and functional WordPress crowdfunding platform. If you follow our advice, you'll create a crowdfunding website in no time. WordPress crowdfunding platform tips are a nice piece of advice for your next project 1. Design to the Niche  The popularity of crowdfunding means there’s no shortage of WordPress templates out there. Remember, your website is telling the story of your campaign–if you are raising money for a charitable cause, make sure you don’t select a website that looks too corporate for example.  2. Integrate with Commerce  It sounds obvious, but ensure you select a template that enables visitors to donate quickly and easily.  The number one goal must be to encourage people to help you reach the target, and therefore the visitor journey must be simple. Using a Crowdfunding WordPress theme allows you to leverage the WooCommerce plugin, giving users the opportunity to financially back the campaign.  * WooCommerce Choosing a WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress eCommerce Success Franc Lucas 3. Authenticity is Key    Make sure you include links to social media profiles plus any information to verify your campaign as part of an official charity or start-up venture. In rare cases, scammers have been known to target crowdfunding websites–if you are asking people to part with their money, you need to take steps to prove your authenticity. 4. Make it Shareable  The more people know about your campaign, the more likely you are to receive donations. Pick a template with ample sharing opportunities and use your copywriting to encourage people to post about the campaign on their social media channels.  * WordPress Plugins Best Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Plugins for WordPress Jane Baker * WordPress Facebook, Twitter and Live Chat Buttons: Creating a Social-Savvy WordPress Site Jessica Thornsby 5. Remember Sponsors  If someone has backed the project, including their name or other details of the donation can be a nice touch. It shows how valued the supporters are and can indicate to others how much on average people are pledging or donating. Browse More WordPress Theme Collections Next up, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite WordPress themes. Take a look at them and get some inspiration to start your next WordPress project!  * WordPress Themes 15+ Best WordPress Themes for Organic and Eco-Friendly Websites Eric Karkovack * Inspiration 23+ Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives Brenda Barron * WordPress Themes Best WordPress Magazine Themes for Blog and News Websites in 2021 Brenda Barron Learn More About WordPress If you wish to learn how to create a crowdfunding site, I know WordPress can seem intimidating if you're just starting to use this platform. But don't worry, here I have some resources that might help you create a crowdfunding website with WordPress. Additionally, you can check our fantastic course: A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress * WordPress How to Edit the Home Page in WordPress Adi Purdila * WordPress How to Add a Page or Post in WordPress Adi Purdila * WordPress How to Change the Domain Name and URL of Your WordPress Site Rachel McCollin * WordPress How to Add Plugins to WordPress Jessica Thornsby Find the Perfect WordPress Theme Now you know how to create a crowdfunding site, you’re armed with great tips, plus a selection of some of our favorite crowdfunding themes for WordPress, and even some nice WordPress fundraising themes for free. You’re one step closer to create a crowdfunding website. If you’re looking for something a little different to any of the above themes, there are plenty to choose from on ThemeForest. Scroll through the designs and once you’ve found your perfect theme, you can have fun editing it so your new website tells your story in your own way!

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