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Ministers face public backlash over 1% pay offer to nurses

Top Tories say Rishi Sunak will be forced to U-turn while 72% of people believe NHS wage proposal is too low The government is facing a backlash from a broad range of the public over the 1% pay rise offered to NHS workers in England in the wake of the pandemic, as it emerged that the vast majority of voters believe the increase is too low. With senior Tories already predicting that the government will be forced to rethink the offer, a poll for the Observer revealed that 72% of the public believe the pay deal should be more generous. The Tories are also facing a backlash from their own supporters, as the Opinium poll found a clear majority of Conservative voters (58%) believe the increase is too low. More than a third of the public (35%) said they were angry about the offer. Continue reading...

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