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My 2020 in Melbourne has been tiny and enormous, with nothing in between | Sophie Black

‘How was your pandemic?’ we joke (but not really). After bushfires and lockdown – and watching birds – I wonder what’s next There’s no one on the beach the night 2020 arrives. The fireworks have been cancelled. We break out a few boxes of sparklers and write our names in the air, comet tails mirrored in the wet sand. Seagulls wheel over us. We laugh at the empty beach. Not even any teenagers roaming the sand for a random pash. Someone suggests zombies, the apocalypse. We can’t smell the smoke yet. In January we download the air quality app. The grey sea disappears into the grey sky. We see the picture of the masked little boy in the boat, set against the reddest of skies. We drive back into Melbourne and point at the haze hanging over the city. A lone ibis flies across the sky just above the KFC as we turn the corner to home. Continue reading...

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