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Coronavirus live news: Russia exceeds 2m cases; Danish mink Covid mutation 'most likely extinct'

Russia passes landmark number as 23,610 new cases reported; Denmark says no further cases of mutation since mid-September * UK faces calls to drop opposition to patent-free Covid vaccines * Hospital doctor gives birth to twins in coronavirus coma * Oxford vaccine could build immunity in older people, says study * Covid-19 vaccine: who are countries prioritising for first doses? * UK coronavirus updates - live 1.36pm GMT The UK will be urged to reconsider its opposition to waiving intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments at a World Trade Organization meeting on Friday, a move that would allow mass production of treatments and inoculations against the disease and could significantly shorten the length of the pandemic, campaigners say. India and South Africa have proposed that WTO member states be allowed to waive patents and other intellectual property (IP) rights on any treatments and tools related to Covid-19 until the end of the pandemic, including for the Moderna and Pfizer/BionNTech vaccines that are set to be approved for use in the coming weeks. Related: UK faces calls to drop opposition to patent-free Covid vaccines 1.28pm GMT More mink mutation news: a number of cases of Covid-19 have been found in people who work in the mink industry in Sweden. In a statement the Swedish Public Health Agency said it and “the Swedish Veterinary Institute, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and local infection control units are jointly investigating whether there is any connection between the cases and their contact with minks.” Flera myndigheter utreder fall av covid-19 inom minkn√§ringen. Continue reading...

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