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Coronavirus live news: Spanish PM says cases closer to 3m; Belgium limits social contacts

Pedro Sanchez stops short of curfew; Belgium bans fans from sports matches; remdesivir approved by FDA for US * Surge ‘very serious’ in Germany and ‘out of control’ in Spain * Belgium’s deputy PM in intensive care with coronavirus * Biden mauls Trump’s record on coronavirus in final presidential debate * Australia: ankle bracelet option for travellers instead of hotel quarantine * UK coronavirus updates – live 2.15pm BST As Peru grapples with one the world’s worst Sars-CoV-2 outbreaks, another virus is starting to raise alarm: dengue. Health officials have reported more than 35,000 cases this year, concentrated largely in the Amazon. The rise comes amid an overall dip in the number of new daily coronavirus infections, though authorities worry a second wave could strike as dengue cases rise. 2.00pm BST Hello everyone and thanks so much for following our global coronavirus blog. I will bring you all the latest news about what’s happening from across the world. There have been some interesting developments in the last hour with Spain’s prime minister saying the true number of cases in the country is 3m, warning of tough months ahead. If you want to get in touch with me while I work then please do via any of the channels below. I welcome any news tips or comments you might have. Thanks Continue reading...

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