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22+ MailChimp Templates for Every Purpose and Occasion

In this article we list more than 22 different MailChimp templates to help you make the most of your email marketing efforts, no matter the occasion or purpose. These templates have been selected for their amazing designs, and fully functional and customizable structure. Themeforest is home to thousands of MailChimp email templates Your aim with these is to create highly converting and effective email campaigns. So, at the end of the post, we’ve provided three additional tips to make the most of your newly purchased MailChimp template. Best MailChimp Email Templates To Download in 2020 Without further ado, check our selection of the best MailChimp email templates available in Themeforest, our single-purchase marketplace. These first MailChimp templates are brand new or recently updated at the time of publication. We update this list regularly to make sure it stays current. 1. Blaumail - Marketing Email Sets + Notification Pack Blaumail - Marketing Email Sets + Notification Pack This is one of our best-selling email templates. It's a multipurpose email HTML template, perfect for marketing campaigns and transactional emails. It's packed with 42 examples and 170 reusable modules. If you need MailChimp holiday email templates for your business, don't hesitate to check this out. Here's what you get with this top email template: * HTML source (+ SCSS) ready-to-use files * StampReady templates * MailChimp templates * Mailster template * Campaign Monitor templates * Background PSD source files 2. Notify Responsive Multipurpose Email Template Notify Responsive Multipurpose Email Template With Online Builder Notify is an excellent multipurpose email template compatible with MailChimp and other major email marketing platforms. It comes with more than 30 layout options, and it can perfectly work as a MailChimp survey template. See all you can do with this email template: * Welcome / Sign In email * Confirmation email * Subscribe confirmation email * Password reset email * Unsubscribe email * Message notification * Introduce / New Features email * Download email * Survey with Emoji * Survey email * And more! 3. Holiday - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template Holiday - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template MailChimp holiday email templates come in really handy if you work in travel agencies. Like this MailChimp holiday email template that's suitable for travel, holidays, hotel bookings and more.  It's one of our newest email templates and it features: * 20+ attractive modules * Raw HTML included * MailChimp ready * Campaign Monitor ready * MyMail/Mailster ready for Wordpress * Commented HTML * Background image support in all major Outlook Clients * Major browser compatible  * Major email clients support  4. Roll - Email Marketing Notifications Roll - Email Marketing Notifications Roll offers a huge number of marketing email components, ideal for promoting services, brand, portfolio, and blogs. As well as MailChimp, these modules are also compatible with Stampready and Campaign Monitor builder. The author, ExoticThemes, has a very distinctive, clean style–check out their other new email template Notif 2. 5. Leah – Responsive Email Template Leah – Responsive Email Template Leah is a bright and fresh email template, suitable for all major email platforms, and compatible with all the email clients you could ask for. Its responsive design is based on a three column layout, a variety of modules for all kinds of emails, and a simple (yet very effective) range of monotone color schemes. Newsletter Templates Newsletters are the staple of email marketing, and they’re growing in popularity. Check out the following creative and informative MailChimp templates we found for you. 6. Grabient - Email Newsletter Grabient | Email Newsletter Grabient is a versatile MailChimp template that makes for a perfect simplistic newsletter. It’s a fully responsive template with a drag and drop builder.  It doesn’t have a complicated visual design which is ideal for email as readability and scalability are vital in getting click-throughs.  7. Pandin - Email Newsletter Template  Pandin - Email Newsletter Template Pandin made it onto our list of MailChimp templates because of its bold and colorful design. If you’re looking to make a statement with your newsletter look no further. I’m a big fan of the neon buttons with the light colored shadows! 8. Tessella - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder Tessella - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder The Tessella template has excellent readability and scanning flow. The template is built through StampReady and is fully compatible with MailChimp (and Campaign Monitor). This is a perfect design for a newsletter that’s direct and to the point.  9. Simplicity Responsive Email Template Simplicity Responsive Email Template As far as MailChimp and newsletter templates are concerned, Simplicity is terrific! It’s fully responsive and extremely well-documented. You can change every possible design element to make it your own, including backgrounds, colors, buttons, texts, and links. Simplicity comes with over 23 modules in a tidy and modern design.  Marketing Templates Almost every online business has its own email marketing campaigns to manage and maintain. Below are some MailChimp templates perfect for all of those marketing needs, whatever they may be. 10. BlackSales Email-Template + Online Builder BlackSales Email-Template + Online Builder Blacksale is a beast of a promotional template: it comes with over 40 different modules! Even though it’s Black Friday themed, it will work for any type of sale or promotion. The modules vary in design and are all pretty darn compelling.  11. Grove - Email Startup Notifications Grove - Email Startup Notifications Grove is perfect for marketing emails. You can easily use this Mailchimp template for purchase confirmations, digital file deliveries, promos, contests, news/updates, wishlist reminders, or out of stock return notifications. Paying attention to these kinds of emails is important and will help move the needle for your online businesses.  12. Manchester Email-Template + Online Builder Manchester Email-Template + Online Builder The Manchester MailChimp template is another fantastic contender. I personally like it because of its clean and smooth visual design. Some of the modules feature a slightly more creative layout and visual design than you’ll see elsewhere. So if you’re looking for something that’s a little different that can still reliably promote your products or services Manchester might be the one for you. 13. Whiskey Email-Template + Online Builder Whiskey Email-Template + Online Builder Whiskey is another extensive MailChimp template for all your marketing email purposes. It features a variety of different modules–over 40 of them. Each one of them is beautifully laid out, which is crucial for performant email campaigns and high click-through rates. 14. Yourmail - 21 High Converting Email Marketing Templates Yourmail - 21 High Converting Email Marketing Templates Yourmail is a perfect marketing email template since it features over 21 designs that are great for promoting services, products, portfolios, and blogs. The design focuses heavily on imagery, and I just love its style! This MailChimp template features well-commented HTML code that’s also highly optimized.  Multipurpose Email Templates Sometimes the best templates are the ones which offer versatility, so they can cover just about any purpose. Check out the three MailChimp templates below that are perfect for any job. 15. Emailio Responsive Multipurpose Email Template Emailio Responsive Multipurpose Email Template MailChimp real estate templates are a great way to present your offer and services to your clients. This responsive multipurpose email template has a stunning MailChimp real estate template ready to use and customize. This multipurpose email template comes with: * 10+ different templates * Access to email online builder * 60+ creative design elements * Drag and Drop function * Unlimited color variations * PSD and HTML files included * MailChimp ready * Campaign Monitor ready 16. Travelkar - Responsive Email for Travel 70+ Modules Travelkar - Responsive Email for Travel 70+ Modules Looking for more fantastic MailChimp holiday email templates? Check Travelkar, a is travel-themed template that can also work equally well for any industry and any purpose. It features over 70 different modules and eight default layouts (which is massive). With excellent creative direction, there are many different things you could do with Travelkar; the sky is the limit on its uses and functionality. 17. Vespro - Responsive Multipurpose Notification Vespro - Responsive Multipurpose Notification Vespro is another highly versatile MailChimp survey template. It comes with a stellar visual design style and over 35 pre-made layouts. Vespro is also compatible with 19 major email marketing providers! It’s perfect for events, eCommerce/online stores, signups, newsletters, sales/promos, welcome emails, confirmations, abandoned carts, survey, reminders, product updates/announcements and so on…  Special Occasions and Seasonal Campaign Templates There are plenty of different celebrations across the world, right throughout the year. It’s amazing when brands take the time to send a little festive-themed email every now and again, and that’s where the next MailChimp templates come in! 18. Wedding Invitation Email Template Wedding Invitation Email Template Digital wedding invitations are becoming more and more popular nowadays. And you can make your life easier with this MailChimp wedding template. This MailChimp template is elegant, fully responsive and customizable and supports almost all email clients. And it's user-friendly, so it provides an ease to couples who aren't expert in graphic designing. 19. Wedding Invitation Newsletter Template Wedding Invitation Newsletter Template If you're looking for more digital wedding invitations, check this elegant  MailChimp wedding template. You can create a high-quality email invitation that's fully responsive and classic.  This MailChimp wedding template features: * 100% responsive design * Drag and Drop online builder * MailChimp and Campaign Monitor ready * Tested on Litmus 20. Halloweeny – Responsive Halloween Email Template Halloweeny – Responsive Halloween Email Halloweeny is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a Halloween email template. It’s perfect for sending a Halloween promotion or newsletter. It utilizes the latest email techniques to make sure it’s highly optimized for every device and platform.  21. Trio Email Template with Halloween Email Template Trio Email Template with Halloween Email Template Who doesn't love Halloween content? This Halloween email template is an awesome option for you, and you'll get three templates for the price of one. This pack offers three different email templates (Wine, Ghosts and Tech themes) and is entirely customizable. This Halloween email template features: * Clean design * 25 unique modules * Drag and Drop email builder * Retina ready  * Full responsive design 22. Amaryllis – MailChimp Christmas Template  Amaryllis – Responsive Christmas Email Template With over 30 different modules (all fully responsive and highly optimized) Amaryllis is a perfect MailChimp Christmas template. It’s quite festive, don’t you think? Additionally, this template is compatible with over 30 of the most popular email marketing providers including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Aweber, to name a few.  23. SecretSanta Email-Template + Online Builder SecretSanta Email-Template + Online Builder I love the design of SecretSanta. It has an amazing visual design style between the different background transitions and typography. SecretSanta is a MailChimp Christmas templates that features over 40 unique modules to make sure your holiday emails are cheerful, festive and exciting for your subscribers no matter the type of email you’re sending their way.  3 Tips to Make Your MailChimp Campaigns More Successful Now that you’ve seen our amazing collection of MailChimp emails, it’s time to talk about how to make the most of them. This way, you can ensure your email marketing campaigns are working for you most efficiently.  1.  Nurture Your Leads Think of lead generation as a journey. Just because someone has opted to receive any kind of emails from you, it doesn’t mean they will convert into a paying customer any time soon, not to mention click-through on anything you send them. That’s why lead nurturing can be a tremendous investment. Lead generation is where you guide your new leads/subscribers over a short period of time through your sales process–one email at a time. This way, you’re building a mutual relationship while at the same time qualifying your leads further. 2. Follow Up  People show interest in your products and services all the time. Pay attention to opportunities and seize them. Use email as a way to follow up on people’s abandoned carts, freebie opt-ins, saved wishlist items, or items they might have been interested in but were out of stock. They’ve already expressed interest, take them up on it! 3. Always Fall Back on Your Branding One of the best ways to make sure your email marketing campaigns are effective is to ensure they match your overall branding–visually and verbally. Take the time to customize the visuals of these MailChimp templates to match your overall brand with colors, logos, images, and typography. Don’t forget to make sure you sound the same in your tone and voice in your emails as you do on your website and elsewhere. You don’t want your emails sending mixed signals which confuse your subscribers. Discover More MailChimp Content on Tuts+ You've seen a selection of our best MailChimp templates, now, I'm sure you're hungry for more email templates and MailChimp resources. Check these out: * Email Marketing How to Create an Email Newsletter in MailChimp Andrew Childress * MailChimp Best Mailchimp Templates to Level Up Your Business Email Newsletter 2020 Brad Smith * MailChimp Mastering MailChimp: Best Templates and Email Tips for MailChimp Newsletters Brittany Jezouit * MailChimp 20+ Best Responsive Mailchimp Templates for Mobile Email Brenda Barron * WooCommerce 20 Best Email and Mailchimp WooCommerce Plugins Daniel Strongin * MailChimp How to Create a Mailchimp Subscribe Form Widget for WordPress Karen Pogosyan Create Amazing Email Campaigns with a Stunning MailChimp Template There you have it! Plenty of different email template designs which cater to every possible purpose and occasion. The above list of MailChimp templates was curated to help you make the most of your email marketing needs. Don’t forget that Themeforest is home to thousands of other examples, so ahead and create something amazing!

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