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The changed face of Document archival systems

The Ahmedabad based Title Indexing Services is a company that is engaged in providing document conversion services to business organizations across diverse sectors. The company also offers mortgage services, title search services, data entry services and many other services that serve the interests of the real estate and mortgage industry.

Title Indexing Services offers document conversion services to companies around the world with the vision of partnering them in their pursuit of creating paperless offices. The concept of document archival has undergone a sea change with the advent of modern technology. Gone are the days of having elaborate storage systems for hard copies of documents. The document conversion services enable paper documents to be converted in the digital format that ensures timeless preservation and fast retrieval without the need of extensive storage systems.

The company that has access to the latest techniques and technology of document conversion can handle all kinds of assignments with equal ease. “We know what the clients expect and work out the best solutions that they can go for at the most economical rates. We advise clients about what would be the most appropriate way of archiving documents that fit well into their budget and help them to achieve their business goals,” says the Chief  Executive Officer of the company.

The company has various centers that form the network of document conversion services and are equipped with the latest technological resources that can ensure professional quality of service at reasonable cost. Not being confined to isolated cases of document scanning and imaging, the company provides complete solutions for document archival.

“After we shared our requirement with Title Indexing Services, they came up with a complete solution for document archival taking into consideration that all documents would be converted into digital format, coded and numbered so that retrieval can become very easy. They have done a splendid job for us,” says Suresh Shenoy, the owner of a pharmaceutical company.

“The clients have several options of archival that we offer,” remarks the Sales Manager of the company. “They can think of converting existing and all archived documents, get dated documents archived or can even choose to have a combination of both. We can guide them properly once they tell us what they are looking for.”  He continues to highlight that the task can also be assigned for conversion of high priority documents only that can be urgently made available.

The company deploys Document Management Specialists and Certified Document Architects to undertake the sophisticated job of scanning the documents and then classifying them and organizing all kinds of business documents including images and files that are indexed for quick identification and retrieval. Using bar coding and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) the process is made speedy and the indexing freed from errors.

“One thing that is remarkable about Title Indexing Services is their ability to complete the job fast and adherence to the time schedule. They planned the work in such a way that our normal activities were never affected,” observes Sikander Mohammed, the owner of a publishing house.

According to the Marketing representative of the company “Making the document archival system concise, sleek and smart is what we do for our customers who need not pay a big sum for it.”
The company is ready to take a big leap and has ambitious plans of growth.

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